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info.BIZ General Terms of Use
I. General provisions

These General Terms of Use for the Financial Agency''s info.BIZ service (hereinafter: General Terms) set forth the manner of contracting, terms and conditions of use of the info.BIZ internet service (hereinafter: Service), fees for the use of the Service, rights and obligations of the business entity, state administration body, local and regional self-government unit and a citizen who contracts the use of the Service (hereinafter: Client) and the Financial Agency as the Service provider (hereinafter: Fina). The Client exercises the right to use the Service with the help of the Service user (hereinafter: User). The User is an employee of the Client or another person who uses the Service under the authorisation of the Client, or a citizen who uses the Service as the Client in accordance with the General Terms.

The regulations of the Republic of Croatia shall apply to the mutual relations between the Client, the User and Fina which are not regulated by these General Terms.

Service Provider: Financial Agency (Fina)
Headquarters/address: Zagreb (City of Zagreb), Ulica grada Vukovara 70, Croatia
MBS: 080422905
OIB: 85821130368
IBAN: HR4223900011100017042 Hrvatska poštanska banka dd

Fina is registered in the court register
Email address:

Info phone: 0800 0080
Calls to this number are charged at the fee for calls to fixed networks of the user''s telecommunications operator.

The call desk is available from 8:00 to 22:00 on weekdays and from 8:00 to 13:00 on weekends.

II. Means of contracting the Service

The client shall contract the use of the Service by filling in and signing the Order Form for info.BIZ Service (hereinafter: Order Form) or by accepting the General Terms and Conditions when registering via the web application on the website.

In case of contracting the use of the Service by signing the Order Form and in case of contracting the use of the Service via the web application, registration of the User is required at The User can register in three ways: as a natural person, a legal person or using a FINA digital certificate. When registering, the requested registration data of the Client and the User are entered and the activation link is sent to the registered e-mail address upon the completion of the data entry, provided that the General Terms and Conditions had been accepted. By clicking the activation link, the User confirms that he or she is the User of the created account and guarantees that he or she has informed the Client with the contents of the Order Form, that the Client guarantees that the signature on the Order Form is his or her original signature, thus giving the User the right to use the Service.

All information about FINA online services, the application forms and documentation required to issue a FINA business certificate is available in FINA offices or via the website:

The method of contracting can be as follows:

a) Contracting the use of the Service by signing the Order Form

By signing the Order Form, the Client accepts the General Terms and Conditions. The General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the Order Form and its Appendix 1. The duly completed and signed Order Form and its appendix represent a Contract on the use of the Service (hereinafter: Contract). The contract shall be deemed to have been concluded and shall be binding on the Parties from the moment of the signature of the Order Form.

b) Contracting the use of the Service via web application

The client shall conclude the Contract at the moment of acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions during the payment procedure via the info.BIZ web application .

III. Terms of Use of the Service, available plans and fees

Use of the Service is exercised by assigning a username and password and/or using a FINA digital certificate, and includes access to the Service and insight into the data of the Service to all Users listed in the Order Form under the list of info.BIZ Users.

The Service provides a simple and modern way of accessing information on business performance and financial position of entrepreneurs and the business environment they operate in. According to the scope or access level for the Service, there are five different info.Biz plans for using the Service (hereinafter: plan):

info.BIZ PROMO (free of charge)
info.BIZ START (for a fee)
info.BIZ EXPERT (for a fee)
info.BIZ PREMIUM (for a fee)
info.BIZ PREMIUM PLUS (for a fee).

Plan contents and fees are available at

In addition to the purchased plan, the Client can additionally contract the purchase of the following services:
- Solvency, creditworthiness and credit rating information (creditworthiness information – BON-1 and BONPLUS)
- Creditworthiness information for foreign companies (summarised and full creditworthiness report)
- Additional use (additional records when downloading data/results, additional monitoring entities and additional financial information when downloading data).
- additional functionality: providing services of inspection and monitoring of data on legal regulations in the Republic of Croatia through access to the contents of the legal portal and other websites.

Description and fees for additional services are available at

If the Client does not comply with the General Terms, Fina reserves the right, without prior notice, to terminate the validity of the Client''s username(s)/deactivate the account(s) and terminate the Agreement.

The Client may use the Service only for their own needs. Further distribution and sale of data from the Service to third parties is not allowed. The legal consequences arising from the possible unauthorised use of data shall be borne by the Client who takes such unauthorised actions.

The Client is obliged to ensure the correctness of their personal and identification data for the entire period of the Agreement, and in particular the proper functioning of the e-mail and address for correspondence in writing. Consequences for incorrect data about which the Client did not inform Fina will be borne by the Client; an e-mail or letter shall be considered duly delivered by Fina at the time of sending to the known e-mail address or postal address specified by the Client in the Order Form or within the Service.

Fina is not obliged to pay damages for objective reasons that could not have been foreseen, avoided or eliminated (force majeure).

IV. info.BIZ terms of payment

When purchasing plans and/or additional services from point III of these General Terms by signing the Order Form, the fee for the use of the chosen plan can be paid by the Client by non-cash means in three ways:
- In advance – single payment
- Single payment according to the invoice issued, within a maximum of 15 days
- In 12 instalments according to the issued invoices.

Advance payment — one-off payment implies that within 90 days of the date of signature of the Order Form or issued Offer via info.BIZ web application, the Client makes the payment according to the information provided in the Order Form/Offer. The activation of the service is 2 business days from the date of payment to the FINA transaction account .

When purchasing plans and/or additional services from point III of these General Terms through the info.BIZ web application, on the basis of the issued Quote for the selected plan, the Client has the option of payment by card or a single non-cash payment in advance.

Payment can be made with payment cards:
- Visa®,
- Mastercard®,
- Maestro®.

Third-party Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) services are used to make card payments for the secure processing of payment transactions via the Internet, thus ensuring complete confidentiality and protection of sensitive card data and users'' personal data.

The provider of these services is obliged to comply with all valid and necessary security standards of card payment schemes and rules of card companies, as well as with all valid and relevant regulations and acts of the European Union and the Republic of Croatia.

Secure communication over the Internet is enabled using Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) cryptographic protocols.

The IPG service provider is contractually obliged to process transactions in accordance with the regulations of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Additional protection for conducting transactions on the Internet is provided by 3-D Secure programmes that allow the card issuer to confirm the identity of the card issuer.

V. Service activation

If the use of the Service is contracted by signing the Order Form, with advance payment — activation of the Service (allowing the Client to use the Service) is possible within 2 business days from the date of the advance payment, provided that the Client has registered with the Service.

If the use of the Service is contracted by signing the Order Form, with a single payment or payment in 12 monthly instalments according to the issued invoice, the Service is activated on the start date of use of the Service specified in the Order Form, provided that the Client has registered for the Service.

If the use of the Service is contracted via the web application, the Service shall be activated within 2 business days from the date of advance payment, provided that the Client has registered with the Service.

VI. Obligation to report changes

The Client shall send inquiries about the purchase of a large number of plans, special sale conditions, complaints about the use of the Service or the delivered invoice, notice of termination of the Agreement, any changes to the company/name, seat, address, person authorised to represent the Client and other relevant information for using the Service to the e-mail address: Fina will acknowledge receipt of such notice or complaint immediately, and respond to the received notice or complaint no later than 15 days from the date of its receipt.

VII. Duration and termination of the Agreement

The Agreement is concluded for a fixed period of one year.

In case of non-fulfilment or partial fulfilment of the contractual provisions, the other party reserves the right to terminate the Agreement even before the expiration of the term for which it was concluded, for which it is obliged to provide a statement in writing. In that case, the Agreement shall be considered terminated on the day of receipt of the written statement.

If the Client within 14 days from the date of activation of the Service submits a notice to Fina to the e-mail address: that they do not wish to use the Service, the Agreement is considered terminated and Fina will prevent the Client from using the Service, without the obligation of the Client to pay a fee according to the Order Form. In the event that the Client has already made the payment, Fina will provide a refund to the transaction account from which the payment was received.

VIII. Special discounts and promotions

Fina reserves the right to grant discounts or place certain info.BIZ plans on sale.

Plans and conditions of promotional sale will be available at under the same conditions to all Clients, in particular the duration of the special sale, quantity limit, discount amount, etc. Fina will not accept new Orders Forms under the terms related to expired promotional sales.

IX. Processing of personal data

Fina is authorised, except for the purposes of fulfilling legal obligations or obligations under the Agreement, to use or publish the data of the Client/User only on the basis of the written consent of the Client/User given in the Order Form.

Fina will not make personal data from the Order Form available, except in cases prescribed by law or when requested in writing by the competent court, administrative or other competent authority.

The controller of the personal data contained in the Agreement is Fina, Ulica grada Vukovara 70, 10 000 Zagreb, OIB (tax number): 85821130368, / info phone 0800 0080.

Contact of Fina''s Data Protection Officer:

Personal data collected by Order Form are processed for the purpose of implementing the Contract and for marketing purposes if the Client/User has given his/her consent.

FINA will keep the personal data of the Client/User for 11 years after the termination of the Contract/Order Form. The renewal of the consent for the use of the Client’s/User’s personal data listed in the Order Form will be carried out within 5 years from the date of its signature, and upon each contact for marketing purposes, the User will be able to withdraw the consent. In case of withdrawal of consent, FINA will not use the consent for marketing purposes.

The right to rectify or complete personal data of the Client/User, for the purposes of improving the accuracy of data or to withdraw consent for a specific service for which the right is exercised, may be exercised by the Client/User by sending a request to the e-mail address:

An objection to the processing of personal data may be submitted to FINA in writing to the following e-mail address: or Agency for Personal Data Protection, e-mail:, or via the website:

X. Liability for damage

The Client shall be responsible for all actions taken by the User from the moment of concluding the Agreement.

Fina shall not be liable for any damage that may occur if the Client does not comply with the General Terms. Fina shall not be liable for any damage resulting from force majeure or an accident.

Fina shall not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness and truthfulness of the content transmitted through the Service nor shall it be liable for any damage that may occur to the Client or any third party due to the content of the communication of the Service. The Client uses the data published in the Service at their own risk and shall be responsible for the use of data in legal and business relations.

Fina shall be responsible for the protection of personal data collected for the purpose of using the Service.

In case of technical difficulties on the Service, Fina will notify the Client without delay. If Fina fails to eliminate technical difficulties within 48 hours, counting from the detection of the technical difficulties, it may, at the request of the Client, grant the Client a reduction of the fee for the use of plans and/or additional services referred to in point III of these General Terms in proportion to the number of days that the difficulties lasted, or authorise the free use of the service for as long as the difficulties lasted.

XI. Jurisdiction in the event of a dispute

Fina and the Client will primarily try to resolve any disputes arising from the Agreement, including disputes regarding the interpretation, application or enforcement of these General Terms out of court. If, however, the contracting parties fail to resolve their disputes in the above manner, the court with territorial jurisdiction according to the seat or residence of the Client shall have jurisdiction.

XII. Publication and storage of General Terms

Fina publishes the General Terms as well as all amendments to the General Terms on its website:

The General Terms and the Order Form (Agreement) are stored and kept for 11 years in accordance with the Accounting Act.

XIII. Amendments to the General Terms

Amendments to the General Terms do not apply to concluded Agreements.

Exceptionally, if the amendments to the General Terms are to be applied to the already concluded Agreements, Fina will immediately notify the Client by electronic means. The Client shall be deemed to have agreed to the amendments to the General Terms if within 8 days from the day when the amendments to the General Terms are published on Fina''s website, Fina does not receive notice from the Client that they do not agree to amendments to the General Terms.

If the Client notifies Fina within 8 days of amending the General Terms that they do not agree to the amendments to the General Terms, the Agreement shall be deemed terminated from the date of receipt of such notice and the Client shall have the right to reimbursement of the fee for using the Service proportionate to the period from the termination of the Agreement to the term for which the Agreement was concluded.

XIII. Final provisions

These General Terms were published on the Fina website on 18. March 2022.

These General Terms apply from 21. March 2022.