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To become a user of the info.BIZ portal, it is necessary to register on the portal via the web application: and accept the General Terms of Use. A guide to the registration process via the web application is available at the following link: The web application enables user to register (enter registration data), order and pay for a selected package. After registration, a confirmation mail with activation link will be sent to the registered e-mail address. If you are interested in presenting the functionality and use of the info.BIZ portal and if you are interested in purchasing a larger number of licenses, please contact us via e-mail

When purchasing the info.BIZ portal package via the info.BIZ web application, you can pay for the issued Offer for the selected info.BIZ portal package via card or non-cash payment in advance - in a single payment. Payment can be made using the following payment cards:

- Visa®
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- Maestro®.

Registration on portal
When registering via the web application on the website, you can use our Promo Start info.BIZ package free for 7 days. A guide to the registration process via the web application is available at the following link:

After registration via the web application on the website and by accepting the General Terms and Conditions, you will receive an activation link to your registered e-mail address. By clicking the activation link, you confirm that you are a person authorized to use the info.BIZ portal, thus activating the user account.

During registration via the web application, you choose the username and password to access the portal.

You can change user data after registration using the Profile option located in the My Account section on the left side of the screen.

Please check your user data and try again. If you still cannot log in, you need to select the option "Forgot password/re-send the activation link?" on the info.BIZ home page. Once you have selected this option, follow the next steps which will ask you to enter new password. If you continue having problems, please contact us at
Using the portal
The credit rating of a business entity is determined on the basis of Fina's methodology, which is in line with the Basel III guidelines and IFRS 9 standards. The rating is calculated for all entities liable to submit the AFS-POD form based on the last submitted statement. The annual rating is calculated for a period ending on 31 December, and the verification is performed at the end of each month. The rating is corrected in cases of changes in the status of account seizure, bankruptcy and liquidation.
Data from the annual financial statements are updated daily and are visible on the info.BIZ portal the day after the submission of the financial statement.
Yes, info.BIZ enables users to verify historical data on the account seizure as well as access into the current account seizure in real time directly on the portal.
Yes, you can. You need to enter the business entities you want to track in the list of monitored entities. You can add businesses to the list by selecting a bell icon when you arrive on the page of an individual business entity.
If you have more than one entity and you have their OIBs, then you can use the filter option to enter the Personal ID list and add the entities to your watch list.

Yes, you can. In the My Account section - Profile, you can select the offered notifications. You can receive notifications via SMS to the mobile phone number that needs to be entered in the User's Profile and/or via the e-mail address with which the user has registered for the info.BIZ service. Messages can be delivered to you individually or as a Unified Daily Report.
The info.BIZ portal can be used by only one user using a registered username.
Data on the number of employees are collected by the info.BIZ portal from the Register of Annual Financial Reports. If the entity liable to submit the AFS did not disclose the data in the statement submitted to the source register, then the data cannot be displayed on the info.BIZ portal. Data on the number of employees are presented on the basis of the submitted annual financial report for the previous year.
The info.BIZ portal features three search options: search of an individual business entity, search of the entire database of business entities within the info.BIZ portal, for which you have over 250 different criteria offering search results divided into 5 main groups of criteria (basic search criteria, credit rating and seized accounts, business indicators, financial data and GEO location) and search of public tenders.
You can choose which data you want when exporting search results. When exporting data, it is possible to add up to 10 items of financial data, depending on the purchased package of info.BIZ portal. Data structure of exports can be edited by groups of business entities (especially entrepreneurs, financial institutions, budgetary users and non-profit users).
In order to be able to download the created report, it is necessary to turn off the pop-up blocker, meaning that the pop-ups must be enabled. If the pop-up lock is on, the Internet browser will not download the report, but the system will log the download attempt. User only can turn pop-up blocker on or off, so you need to set the option in your browser settings.
You can submit the change of data for your business entity to the e-mail address or via the web form "Contact Information" located in the section "Contacts and news".
After submitting a request for change, info.BIZ team will review the request and respond to it as soon as possible.